As with every software, you will sooner or later reach a point where you can’t progress on your own anymore. For this reason we offer you multiple ways of support to help get your work done!

Blaze-Persistence community support

If searching the Internet and the documentation don’t help you with your problem or question you have some other options.

Since Blaze-Persistence is an open source project, you can ask the community for free via the following channels:

Blaze-Persistence commercial support

If all the community support didn’t help or you require commercial services you can always contact Blazebit directly and we will find an arrangement that fits your needs.

In general we offer the following commercial services


To get your developers up-to date with the latest developments of Blaze-Persistence and internal workings


To help you with issues in your project remotely or on-site


Long term support via multiple channels, high priority bug fixes and low response times